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Chemical and Petrochemical Industry can be considered as an extension of the downstream Oil & Gas sector, due to the nature of materials handled, Quality, Time and Safety requirements, and even the major players involved. Unique challenges related to extreme Pressures and Temperatures, Vibration, Corrosion and combinations thereof are some defining traits of the industry.

Naturally, Fabcons has been successful in assimilating the needs of the industry, and thereby meeting or exceeding the expectations of our customers – Project after Project. This has earned Fabcons an indelible name among the major EPC contractors as a reliable manufacturer of quality Static Equipment and Steel Structure.

Pressure Vessels, Heat Exchangers, Columns, Reactors, Pipe Spools, Equipment Structures, Pipe Racks, Pipe Supports and Platforms are some of the products that we manufacture for the Chemical and Petrochemical Industry.

Recent Projects

Desalination & Water treatment Projects

Dual Media Pressure Filters

Desalination & Water treatment Projects

MED Evaporators