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Fabcon Heavy Engineering

This fabrication yard specializes in heavy and oversized products. It boasts an expansive area of 40,000 square meters and a team of over 300 skilled professionals. Additionally, the yard offers direct quay access, which allows for easy loadout to barges and flat decks. As a result, it has become a preferred choice for large-scale projects, including offshore modules, jackets, wind tower components, and skids. Quality, cost, time, and safety are the yard’s primary focus areas.

Key Facts

  • Overall area: 40,000 m2
  • Overall office area: 520 m2
  • Overall fabrication area: 29,000 m2
  • Closest International Port: RMC / Saqr Port, RAK
  • Distance to closest Port: 0.3 km
  • Free trade zone: Yes
  • Average annual temperature: 27.9 °C | 82.2 °F
  • Average annual rainfall: 92 mm
  • Overall covered fabrication area: 2,200 m2
  • Overall open fabrication area: 26,800 m2
  • Annual tonnage: 12,000 MT
  • Annual man-hours: 790,000
  • Load out method: RO-RO / LO-LO
QUAY – Common Jetty
  • Length (max): 250 m
  • Reinforced Length Length: 250 m
  • Distance to open sea: 2 km
  • Water min. depth: 6.5 m
  • Tide Variation: 1.2m


Contact Details

2 years ago
One of the best Steel fabrication company in UAE with an excellent vision. Capable of manufacturing both static equipments and structural steel. Great team with an ambitious and positive attitude.
2 years ago
Fabcon Heavy Engineering RMC FZC is the third Initiative from the management (Fabcon Industrial Services FZ LLC, Pressure Vessels (India), Fabcon Heavy Engineering RMC FZC ...) the leading manufacturer of Structural Steel, Pressure Vessels, Tanks, Water Treatment equipment, Rigs & Oilfield Platforms. Advantageous location with direct access to Port, Ideal for fabrication of Heavy/Oversize Equipment. Highly committed to product quality and on time delivery. All the best and proud to be a part of this team.
2 years ago
FABCON, a well-established and reputed organization in UAE for Steel Fabrication. The best choice for all types of Steel Construction in the field of Oil & Gas, Water Treatment, Powerplants, etc. Great team with good knowledge and a positive attitude.
2 years ago
Best Steel Fabrication Industry in UAE. Good Management with positive attitude.The company is involved in all types of steel construction activities.
2 years ago
It's one of the best steel fabrication company in the UAE with an excellent team bound to the timely delivery of products with quality in all respects no matter of its complexity or massiveness.