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Stacks and Flare Systems

Stacks and Flare Systems are crucial elements especially for the oil and gas and the Chemical/Petrochemical industries.   They play a vital role in safely and efficiently disposing of dangerous gases, maintaining emission levels within tolerable limits.

Given the nature of gases encountered in stack systems, it is essential to use steel components with specific corrosion resistance properties. We have extensive experience fabricating stack systems with NACE/HIC tested materials, and extensive NDT and PWHT requirements, ensuring safe and long life for use in environments with sour gas exposure.

Stacks, Flare Systems and their Derricks can be supplied in fully assembled modular fashion or as Components to be assembled at site.

Our Quayside facility in RAK Maritime City, provides easy loadout convenience. This enables us to efficiently produce and ship oversized derricks and flare systems, catering to projects of any scale. Our facility’s strategic location enhances our ability to meet customer requirements and deliver exceptional solutions promptly.