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Desalination & Water treatment

Our services in the water filtration sector are aimed at improving water availability in countries with limited fresh water, which can improve the living conditions of people worldwide.

FABCONS has been associated with the Water Sector – both Water Desalination and Water Treatment for a long time. The experience with exotic materials like Duplex, Super Duplex and Titanium required for corrosive services, has helped us in our endeavor to be one of the leading names in the Water Industry. Large number of qualified Welders available in-house in various welding methods ensure that projects are completed on time and to the specs.

Multi Effect Desalination (MED) Evaporators, Various Condensers, Pre Heaters etc using Super Duplex alloys like UNS 32750, different types of Pressure Filters, Pipe Spools, RO Barrels, Thermo-Compressors, Ejectors, Steam Generators etc. are some of the products that we manufacture for the Water sector.
Our cost conscious approach to manufacturing has earned us a number of projects and customers in this highly competitive industry.

Recent Projects

Desalination & Water treatment Projects

Dual Media Pressure Filters

Desalination & Water treatment Projects

MED Evaporators