Design and Engineering has always been one of our important Expertise.  Static Equipment as well as Structural Items are conceptualised, designed and detailed in the shortest period of time to reduce the overall project duration. This adds value for our customers by providing the most efficient and timely solutions.  Moreover, the in-house Engineering team swiftly joins-in to address potential issues and concerns during fabrication, ensuring a seamless production flow.

Our Design team can handle Static Equipment like Pressure Vessels, Heat Exchangers, and Tanks among others, in accordance with American, European and other International Standards. We utilise dedicated software to design and analyse various components.

Optimization is a core value embraced by our entire team. We strive to minimise waste wherever possible.  As part of this commitment, we employ nesting techniques (both 1D and 2D) on our parts list, allowing us to proceed with the most efficient material usage. These cost savings reflect on our pricing, thereby adding further value to our Products and Services.