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Modules and Jackets

Jackets, Topsides, and Onshore/Offshore Plant Modules are known for their complexity and substantial weight, making them challenging products in the fabrication sector. FABCONS, equipped with state-of-the-art heavy fabrication facilities and quayside access, is well-prepared to handle projects of any size, scale, or complexity.

Our Heavy Engineering facility, situated in RAK Maritime City, boasts multiple bays spanning 25 to 36 metres width and over 300 metres in length. These bays are thoughtfully designed to accommodate even larger equipment across multiple bays. By employing a combination of 100-ton cranes for regular lifting and crawler cranes with higher capacity and longer reach for heavier and higher lifting operations, we ensure that our fabrication processes are optimised to meet the diverse needs of our clients.

Moreover, our expertise extends beyond Jackets, Topsides, and Onshore/Offshore Modules. We possess the know-how to handle other large-scale structures, such as Pre-Piling templates, Monopiles, and Transition Pieces, along with their support structures for transportation. Thanks to our extensive network of suppliers, we can easily source a wide variety of materials tailored to your specific requirements. Our strong partnerships with multiple logistics contractors enable us to identify and deploy cost-efficient and secure methods for product transportation to worldwide destinations.