Given the harsh operating conditions most of our products are subjected to, such as exposure to Seawater under offshore environments, Corrosive Plant environments, Abrasive materials etc. we have a large and highly experienced coatings team equipped with the best machines, dedicated to handling the blasting and painting processes.  

The blasting process essentially consists of utilising a high-pressure stream of abrasives to remove surface contaminants like mill-scale, rust, dirt etc.  The objective is to ensure a clean steel surface with sufficient roughness that allows the paint to adhere, effectively providing long-lasting surface protection. 

We employ both Manual Blasting using garnet as the abrasive, as well as Automatic Blasting using a combination of Steel Shot and Steel Grit.  Upto SA3.0 is achieved depending on the specification.

Following the blasting stage, the material moves to airless spray painting.  The paint system is usually specified by the customer suited to the service conditions.  Almost all types of Painting/Coating/Lining systems, including various types of Epoxy, Inorganic, Silicone, PU, Ceramic, Glass Flake etc. are done in-house.  With long-term technical and commercial association with all major paint manufacturers, customers are assured of the best corrosion/erosion protection coatings all the time.

Apart from the liquid painting, and other coatings like Hot Dip Galvanising, we also offer non-conventional coatings like Thermal Spray using Zinc or Aluminium.