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Rubber lining & Thermal Insulation

In many situations, a paint system might not be able to offer sufficient protection, necessitating the utilisation of other measures such as Rubber Lining for safeguarding against corrosive liquids or Abrasive materials. Similarly, Thermal Insulation and Refractory Lining may be necessary for Heat Conservation or Safety requirements associated with components exposed to high temperatures. Acoustic Insulation to suppress noise can also be applied as per specs.

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Blasting & Painting

Given the harsh operating conditions most of our products are subjected to, such as exposure to Seawater under offshore environments, Corrosive Plant environments, Abrasive materials etc. we have a large and highly experienced coatings team equipped with the best machines, dedicated to handling the blasting and painting processes.

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NDT, PWHT & Pressure Tests

With the critical nature of the industries that we serve like Oil and Gas, Water Desalination, and Offshore Energy, there is no room for failure of any sort. Therefore, ensuring that the products that go out are defect-free is of paramount importance.

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Assembly & Welding

In fabrication, many different parts have to be assembled together to create intermediary and final products.  Our list of equipment that assist welding include Vessel Rotators, Column and Booms, Welding Positioners etc. in tandem with various types of Welding Machines in large quantities. 

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Fabrication lies at the heart of our operations, transforming drawings into tangible objects. For successful fabrication, a skilled and experienced team capable of visualising the 2D drawing in 3D and executing the assembly is essential. This process demands meticulous planning, proactive scheduling, and the optimization of available resources to minimise costs while ensuring timely project completion.

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Engineering & Design

Design and Engineering has always been one of our important Expertise. Static Equipment as well as Structural Items are conceptualised, designed and detailed in the shortest period of time to reduce the overall project duration. This adds value for our customers by providing the most efficient and timely solutions. Moreover, the in-house Engineering team swiftly joins-in to address potential issues and concerns during fabrication, ensuring a seamless production flow.

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