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Blasting & Painting

Our Blasting & Painting facility is fully geared for finishing work on massive jobs while ensuring quality levels exceeding the specifications.

There are two (2) completely enclosed blasting booths measuring 24 m x 12 m.   Blast cleaning of 40 -50 tons of structural steel per day is possbile.  The surface cleanliness obtained can be upto SA 3.0 with a profile of 50-75 microns.  Site blasting is also undertaken and done under controlled conditions.

Painting is carried out in covered and enclosed dedicated painting sheds measuring 24 m x 72 m divided into 4 bays.  The total covered painting shed is 1750 Sq. M.  In addition to this, open lay-down area is available for extended curing after painting.  Airless spray machines of 68:1 ratio are used for the application of epoxy paints and the toughest linings.  Almost any type of paint specification can be done with internal resources.

Our insistence to paint only in enclosed sheds ensures that the finished surface is free from contaminants like sand.  Thus a flawless coating is obtained eliminating the need for local repairs and consequent patchy appearances.  The capacity in painting is about 1200 tons of steel per month.  Site painting and Tank linings are also undertaken.


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