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Site Erected Storage Tanks

FIS has wide experience in Site Erected Storage Tanks upto 48m dia.  These tanks are designed to API 650/620 or BS 2654.  FIS has full fledged Tank design and detailing facilities/resources in-house.   Tanks above 4 m dia are usually assembled and welded at site after plates are pre-fabricated and rolled in the shop.  Shell erection is usually by Hydraulic Jacks.  Welding could be either automatic or manual.  Associated piping, instrumentation and CP system supply and installation are also undertaken.  NDT, Hydro testing, Paint touch-up and over coats are also done at site.  
Tanks are built for the following services:

  • Crude Oil & associated Process Tanks
  • Refined Product Tanks
  • De-mineralized / Desalinated Water Tanks
  • Chemical Tanks
  • Fire Water Tanks

Among other configurations, those below are the most common types designed, supplied and erected:

  • Cone Roof Tanks – Self-supported and Column supported
  • Floating Roof Tanks – Internal and External
  • Dome roof Tanks – Including Aluminium Dome